A description of the creation and recording of our performance piece can be found here.


In memory of Michael Wessels

Akuhlanga lungehlanga

it has not fallen

before it has fallen



it’s a revolution

a freedom song

loud and carefree


Free will

a small house with

small windows

a homecoming to

feasting devils

decoration for a white

and silver coffin



the trick

is not to mind


The mind

a cow held captive

uyinkomo esesitrobheni


Follow the drinking gourd

the northern stars

to a mountain that

sinks into the sea

an ocean rising above it


* * *


meaning free

as a bird

free as an outcast

a fugitive


without borders


without meaning


Freedom is a jealous child

a mumbled prayer

for the dying

a nightmare dream of falling

to the abyss

its fleeting images

of night


A twisted smile

an untouchable gift

an uneaten fruit

red-faced, spittle-spraying

anger, an angel faithful

to your deliverance

a dizzy figure skater

in the fortune teller’s

clouded mirror


* * *


Indlovu ayisindwa ngumboko wayo

an elephant is not burdened

by its own trunk


Amatsha ntliziyo ngawo ahleliyo

truth sets you free


Sweet release!


Truth is that knife slipping

across your fingertips

a rubik’s cube

a squawking guineafowl

dodging traffic

a dream incinerated


A prayer for

the children

an ocean the size

of a raindrop

in freefall

free as vapour

free as air

or breath


* * *


A mythical bird

in an old baobab

forever young


A monster


a monstrous



Mind forged manacles

mental freedom


Break down the walls!


Reclaim the streets!


Spring to the mountains!


ukuntingela entabeni!

ukuntingela entabeni!


* * *


A life without freedom

is a body

without a soul


Akuhlanga lungehlanga

it has not fallen before

it has fallen

that window

on darkness

that mirror

of disparity


* * *






Freedom is trying

to pronounce


to say itself

speaking in the tongues

of liberty

of nakedness



* * *


Free speech

is the key

to jail cell doors

a white lie exposing

subtle truth

without shadow

without reflection

a constant nightmare

a fading dream



freedom is a naked




* * *



a bird




a falcon

set free


Wathinta abafazi

you strike a woman


wathinta imbokodo

you strike a rock




* * *



is to gallop away

to flee to freedom


Limping, wounded

pale as death

at the shining hour

the unnavigable river

flowing through boulders

a dance

with unknown steps.


Ibalek’u moya

free as wind

as air

as breath


An angel with black wings

a weeping willow

a circus dream

loud and carefree

a feral creature


I’d rather die

on my feet

than live as a secret

than live

on my knees


* * *


Ibalek’u moya

free as wind in

a hawk’s wings



a fugitive

on the loose

a dream bird


Akuhlanga lungehlanga

it has not fallen

before it has fallen

though it will always fall

that window on darkness

that mirror of disparity


Akuhlanga lungehlanga

Akuhlanga lungehlanga